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DIY- UO inspired lace back tank

OK so the other day my dear friend thieveslikeus had a nice little lake party and at said lake party she was wearing the CUTEST top I’ve seen in a while. So I was like hey I like your top, give it to me. To which she replied JUST MAKE IT YOURSELF. So I got on UO.com and found the top and just made my own little rip off. Its very similar but not exactly but whatever. Its a rendition. So yeah. That’s the story behind this tutorial.

Let’s get started. Get the stuff… a t-shirt (I used a medium cause I like a little room in my shirts), scissors, pins, a piece of lace (mine was a bit longer than the t-shirt and about 4 inches wide), and a sewing machine or your fingers and needle and thread. This is actually do-able in a hand sewing manner, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a machine.

H-okay… cut the sleeves off the shirt and the bottom band.

Now fold the shirt in half like a hot dog and cut a nice neck hole out and cut the sleeves off.. i like mine all flowy and hangy so I cut very large arm holes but not that deep of a neckline. I’m only a half way hooch.

Unfold the shirt and lay the lace down the back and pin it down.

Sew where you pinned. I went over it twice for stability.

Now very carefully, cut off the part of the shirt that’s under the lace. I left about 1/4inch hem also for stability. Also, my lace went a little above my previously cut neckline so I trimmed it a little to make it more scoopy.

Did y’all see the ghost in the last picture, scury stuffs. ANYWAYS, now fold the shirt back over in half and cut at a rounded diagonal across the bottom so the outside of the shirt is a little longer than the middle part. Then cut diagonally about 2-3 inches off the side the whole way from the armpit region to the waist line. Get what I’m saying, yeah you do, remember, you’re smart. Also the picture helps.

Ok, remember those sleeves you cut off earlier. along the inside hem of them cut them so they lay out nice and flat and long.

Now, take your side piece you cut from the shirt and lay it on the sleeve piece you just cut like I have pictured.

Now cut the sleeve piece to match the shape of the side of shirt piece only KEEP THE SIDE OF THE SHIRT PIECE LONG AND MAKE THE SLEEVE PIECE A FEW INCHES SHORTER. ***DO NOT CUT THE SIDE OF SHIRT PIECE. JUST BE CAREFUL***

Do that for both sides so you have 4 pieces shapped the same but two are longer than the others. like sooooo……

Now put 1 shorter piece on 1 longer and sew around it like i did… and do it again with the other one. Just sew it on the sides and the “top”. Don’t sew where they over lap, you want a fish gill effect. Not a cute way to put it but so what.

Now this part was a little hard for me, but that’s probably because it was 3am and I had just gotten off work but listen and follow my wise words…

On those 2 pieces you just made, the side that shows the fact that there’s two different lengths is the right side. So, put those pieces of fabric back on the shirt just as you cut them off but with right sides together pin then sew. Look at it after you’ve pinned and before you sew to make sure its all right. I had to re-pin both sides because of my immense sleepiness.

Ok, so now that you’ve sewn that on you’re pretty much done. Just kind of lay it out and if any edges need to be fixed up just kinda snip away any thing hanging longer than anything else, carefully. You can always cut more but you can’t grow back your shirt. <——wise. That’s it. Put it on. Wear it proud. Go summer it up girl, or boy, either or.  Here’s one last look, even though you could just scroll up, but yeah… here it is. Go! make!


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